What are the advantages of glow sticks?

Normally, when you think of emergency lighting, you think about candles and flashlights. While both have their place in the survival kit, there are some downsides.

Here are the cons to these standard light sources:

Candles can be dangerous if extreme care is not taken in their use. The National Fire Protection Association reports that candles cause 29 house fires per day across the country. Their statistics show that candles caused 3% of the reported home fires, 4% of home fire deaths, 7% of home fire injuries, and 6% of direct property damage. Furthermore, the Red Cross warns against any emergency use of candles in the home due to severe risk of fire.
Candles are not wind and waterproof and cannot be used outdoors.
Candles should not be left unattended. They should not be used as all-night lights, or by children or the elderly.
Candles consume oxygen and should not be used in confined spaces.
Candles go out when dropped and are not a mobile light source.
Candles are risky to use when natural gas or other fuels are present

Batteries lose power and may leak or corrode when stored for an extended time. This damages the internal mechanism of the flashlights, rendering them useless even with new batteries.
Flashlights are great searchlights but give poor room illumination.
Light bulbs and lenses are breakable. When broken, they are useless.
Only very expensive flashlights are truly waterproof.
Flashlight internal circuits are subject to corrosion if there is moisture where they are stored.

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