Taking Prisoners

The possibility exists the sometime after a collapse that you may have to handle prisoners. The chances of you detaining people intending on stealing from or killing you for your supplies is very high due to the population density and the percentage of criminal elements in some areas areas. Think Baltimore and Ferguson Riots X10!

You need to think about how to handle prisoners. Where you will keep them, how they will be secured, and how you plan on releasing them. There may be a case where you need to restrain someone who claims to be someone until you can verify their credentials.

You may also be required to safely restrain a member of your group if they “go bonkers”.

The U.S. Army’s method for Prisoner Handling is to…

– -Search – Search for weapons head to toe. Search with one person while another observes ready to intercede if a problem occurs.

– -Segregate – This means to separate the prisoners. This is so you can interview/interrogate each one without the group of prisoners getting their story straight.

– -Silence – Do not allow the prisoners to talk to each other. Do not allow for members of your Urban Survival Group to talk to the prisoners.

– -Speed – Refers to the military’s priority on “speeding” the prisoners to a safe location .

– -Safeguard – Safeguard means keeping the prisoners and your team safe.

***Before the 5 “S’s” are implemented, the subjects must be restrained. *Do not ever search an non-restrained prisoner.

IMO, the best way to restrain someone is with Commercial Flex Cuffs. Fex Cuffs are light, cheap and have many uses.

Stay Safe, keep prepared

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