Old Kids Party Ideas For The Homesteading Family

Kids Party Ideas for the Homesteading Family

These games are a fun blast from the past that you can still play now! Try out these kids party ideas for the next time you throw a party. These simple ideas are helping us get back to our roots. These kids party games and Ideas don’t require fancy technology or hiring a princess for a day.

1. Pin the Tail on the Donkey Game Party Ideas


A classic game, easy for everyone.

2. Watermelon Seed Spitting Outdoor Party Ideas


Get a little messy, and enjoy this treat. I think the hardest part now would be finding watermelons that ARE NOT seedless! : ) Perhaps your local farm.

3. Pony Rides Activity Party Ideas


Dress up the pony or horse (if you have one) in a fanciful mane and add a horn!

4. Corn Maze Tag Backyard Party Ideas


Corn mazes are fun to search through, and fun to design if you have a tractor. If you don’t have your own field of corn, consider going to the nearest maize instead.

5. Make your own Ice cream Sweet Party Ideas


Yum! Kids will love making it themselves. Just provide plenty of spoons, and keep any allergies in mind. It seems more and more people are allergic to nuts, dairy, and gluten by the minute.

6. Mini Pancake Bar Fruits Party Ideas


Everyone loves pancakes.

7. Find the Needle in the Haystack On a budget Party Ideas


All you need is a haystack and a needle. Use a crochet needle – they’re much larger and won prick you.

8. Catching Fireflies Summer Party Ideas

Catching fireflies is always a delight.

9. Camping under the Stars Theme Party


Have an indoor campout by hanging lights from the ceiling.

10. Walk the Plank Pirate Party Ideas


Kids will love walking the plank – Arrr.

11. Hayrides Treat Party Idea


12. Pig Pen Game Outdoor Party Ideas


DIY your own pig pen with balloon piggies. Then tell the kids to rally them up, and watch them run wild! Read more at WeHeartParties.

13. Popcorn Cones Snacks Party Ideas


Everyone loves popcorn.

14. Milk and Cookies Food for kids party ideas


This classic snack that is so simple and old-fashioned that you just have to love it.

15. Goodie Bags Giveaways Party Ideas


Come up with simple goodie bags, full of old-school toys and games.

16. Bubble Refills Recipe for DIY Kids Party Ideas


Make your own bubble recipe:

Mix 2.5 cups water with 1/2 cup light corn syrup
mix in a bowl together and microwave four minutes
Gently mix 1/2 cup dish liquid – learn more here

17. Drink Party Ideas


Make fresh lemonade and serve in mason jars.

18. DIY Your Own Photobooth


Fun to take photos in, fun to make.

19. Balloon Dart Carnival Party Ideas



Embrace your inner artist.

20. Retro Vintage Kids Party Ideas


21. Hot Chocolate Bar for Winter Party Ideas


If it’s cold out, serving hot cocoa is a must.

22. Kids Party Sandwich Idea


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