If you only had one gun what would it be?

A reply to a question ….I knew it was only an amount of time before I got this….. “If you only had one gun what would it be?”

Ok, before I get a flood or messages I just want everyone to know that I am well aware that we all have an opinion and I am also aware that this question has probably been asked more times on the internet than politicians have asked the question.. “Why doesn’t no one trust me” lol

Here we go…
I actually think that questions like this are a good exercise. As they force a person to apply a hierarchy to their gear. If a person must pick up and go quickly, already knowing what gear is on the top of their list can help facilitate the packing process and eliminate wasteful decision making time.

My answer to this question does depend a lot on the situation I am placed in. However, generally speaking, I love the Ruger 10/22.
(As long as I can find ammo for it) Thanks Osama Obamma!

Why you might ask?
Well, the Ruger 10/22 has a long rich history and has always been a very popular .22 rifle. It is incredibly versatile and breaks down easily. From memory their is only one screw that holds the barrel & trigger assembly to the stock. Because of this very simple design (and it’s popularity), there are literally 100’s of aftermarket accessories available for the 10/22. A bonus is that if you have a family its a rifle that you can teach everyone to use without them being afraid of it.

The pros to the 10/22 IMO are…

– The ammo is cheap, easy to store & very effective on most game.
it is reliable and accurate.
– A large assortment of aftermarket accessories .
– The ability to outfit the 10/22 to meet the demands of different environments.

The only bad point IMO is…(its a very BIG bad point)
-Ammo can be very hard to find today.


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