Hurricane Safety Tip: Reinforce Garage Doors in a Windstorm

Battening down the hatches to prepare for a storm? Don’t forget the garage. Double-wide garage doors are a weak spot in a windstorm, as high winds can cause these broad, flexible doors to bow inward and fall off their tracks. And that makes your garage, car, and home vulnerable to greater damage.

You could invest in a wind-resistant door, or reinforce the current door yourself with a kit that allows you to brace your door and still use it. But if a high-wind advisory has just been issued and you have to act fast, you can board up your garage door with wooden planks, just as you would your home’s windows. Add horizontal and vertical bracing onto each panel of the door. If you have an automatic garage-door opener, disable it to avoid accidental damage from someone trying to open the door while it’s boarded up.

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