Home security tips while on vacation..

– Have a neighbor get your mail and check on your home. Give someone you trust a key to your home so they can get your mail every day or two and pick up any papers that you might get. Burglars take note of things like papers piling up or mailboxes that won’t close because there’s too much mail in them (and often, they’ll take the mail, too, looking for checks). Offer your house-sitter a mid-day snack in exchange for them hanging around for an hour or so. If someone is watching your house when your friend comes by, sees them get the mail, go in, and immediately leave, that’s still a red flag that your house is empty.

– Don’t leave your garbage can at the road for pickup unless you ask your neighbor to bring it in for you after the trash truck has run. A garbage can left at the road for days at a time is a sure sign of an empty house, too.

– Set your lights on a timer. Buy a few timers that plug into your wall outlet to plug a few lamps and maybe a radio into. Lights going on and off throughout the house with a little noise will give the illusion that someone is there, and thieves will be less likely to target your home. You can actually pick up some programmable power strips that will turn certain outlets on and off randomly so no patterns are established, thus making it harder for a burglar to know anything.

– Close your blinds and curtains. If it’s hard to see into your house, it’s hard to know if someone is home. Coupled with the lights on timers, nobody will ever know if you’re there.

– Don’t broadcast your vacation on social media. This happens way too much. Don’t announce that you’re going on vacation and don’t post a bunch of pics while you’re on vacation

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