Great Ideas for YOUR…But Out Bag

– Backup and digital copies of all your important documents and reference information for the area. Digital stuff should be put on a secured thumb drive.
– Weapons cleaning kit and CLP or equivalent.
– Gum wrappers to start a fire with a battery (they don’t take up much space).
– Small knife sharpener.
– Tourniquet you can put on with one hand.
– Potassium Permanganate for fire starting/wound cleansing/water and some kind of glycerol or sugar-free replacement to match for fire-starting.
– Glow Stick Bracelets if you have kids so you can keep track of them while walking at night. You can also use these to mark your gear or a path from your campsite to your toilet area so people don’t lose their way. Get multiple colors so it’s easier to know who’s who.
– Neck Gaiter for cold weather. This is an absolute necessity really. Takes up almost no space and makes a HUGE difference in keeping you warm or the sand out of your face.
– Clotrimazole Foot Cream.
– Moleskin for blisters- your feet are super important.
– Maps of your area, both digital and protected paper.
– Something metal to boil water and eat/drink in. I use a 24 ounce steel cooking cup. There are plenty of options for this one.
– Good compass like a tritium lensatic compass.
– Fisher Space Bullet Space Pen and Rite in the Rain All Weather Notebook.
– Aluminum foil to start a fire or use as a cup/cooking etc. There are lots of uses for aluminum foil.
– A Fresnel Lens – Flat, lightweight and powerful magnifying lens to start fires. Cheap too.
– Portable solar charger and USB battery for your cell phone or other USB things.
– Water filter like the Saywer Mini Filtration System or equivalent that will connect to a Camelbak.
– Avon SKIN-SO-SOFT Bug Guard PLUS Insect Repellent.
– Get a strong battery bank so you can charge your cell in case of emergency.
– Fluorocarbon fishing line for fishing and/or for cordage/traps. Don’t get monofiliment – it won’t hold up as well.
– Dental floss reel for cordage or fishing line – or for cleaning your teeth. You don’t need the whole case, just take out the reel and put it in something so it doesn’t come untangled. unwaxed dental floss doesn’t burn very easily so it can be used to hold food together over a fire but waxed dental flosscan be used for all sorts of things.
– Extra meds you’re on.
– Birth control.
– Vaseline-covered cotton balls or quik-tinder in seal straw segments for tinder – basically, waterproof your tinder. Just don’t cover them completely or they’re harder to light.

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