Great Homeschool Resources To Be Following..

Homeschooling can be lonely and frustrating even if you do make an effort to “get out of the house” and mingle with other homeschoolers. So I thought I would share my go-to homeschool blogs that I use when helping out with my niece and nephew. These are the places that I get ideas, inspiration, and read ideas that force me to hone my idea of what education should be and how I want to present it.

This list is a great starting point if you are new to homeschooling. I’ve made it a point to not only list great resources but also to give you blogs that are like scrapbooks. 

Simple Homeschool–Run by Jamie Martin, Simple Homeschool is a popular blog that has many contributors. The ladies that write for Jamie have a lot of expertise and keep up on curriculum, books and general homeschool happenings. They also have a huge Facebook page.

Homeschool Resource Blogs

– Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers–Kris Bales is a regular Mom who sorta follows a few popular homeschool teaching strategies and makes it work for her family. She also blogs about her struggles with weight (I so feel her pain). She has a section on her blog about curriculum, reviews and she has a section just for moms. Reading her blog is like talking to another homeschooling mom at co-op or the park.

– Crystal’s Tiny Treasures–Crystal is actually in the UK so she gives us Americans a different prospective on homeschooling. Her blog is geared toward early childhood learning as Crystal is very well educated and experienced with pre-schoolers and younger children.

– HomeScholar–Lee Binz takes the fear out of homeschooling high school. Do you have a curriculum or a college admittance problem? Lee is your go-to person. She has a membership site for those who need help with getting all those transcripts in order and/or have their kids on the fast track to a four year college.

– Frugal Homeschool Family–Heather has a ton of information on where to get freebies for your homeschool. She even has a section on where to get freebies for your house.

1- 23 Homeschool 4 Me–This blog has a ton of free printable info for elementary age kids. Beth also has a lot of great educational vacation ideas with one of her most popular post being Tips for planning the Ultimate Trip to Disney World.

– Free Homeschool Deals–Run by Jamerill Stewart, this blog does what the name suggests and gives you free or almost free deals on homeschool products and resources.

Be Smart and teach your kids to be Smarter 🙂

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