Going Camping? Check Out These Apps..

Here are the best camping apps to make your adventures go a little more smoothly…

FOR THOSE WHO like a little more comfort or help with planning, there are a number of apps that can help you make your outdoor adventure a little easier. Whether you’re heading on a relaxing camping trip or a hard stealth camping adventure, there are apps to suit your needs, as well as some must-haves for any adventurer to be prepared in case the worst happens.


If you’re looking for a place to stay, the below list of camping apps has got you covered. Each applications database is constantly growing and updated and are available for both apple and android users.

  • iOverlander – A crowdsourced app that shows both official campsites and unofficial “stealth” sites (i.e. quiet streets with 24hr parking.) It can use your location to show what’s close by and it’s one of the few apps to give campsites worldwide, not just in the US.
  • Freecampsites.net – Not an app per say, but it’s bookmarked on my home screen for easy access. It does what it says, type in the location you’re interested in and a map pops up with free, pay, and permit campsites easily laid out on a map.
  • AllStays – Pricey as apps go, but worth every penny. It automatically locates where you are and lays out all camping options in your immediate area. It even includes local Wal-Mart stores (don’t knock it till you’ve tried one) and truck stops.
  • hipcamp.com – Hipcamp is a mobile optimized website where you can enter the area you’re interested in and get a list of all the public campsites in the area along with a great description of the facilities available. They’re only in a few states currently, but will be covering the entire US by the end of summer.
  • Hotel Tonight – When all else fails, which it will at times, Hotel Tonight can snag you a good last minute deal at hotels close by. Enjoy having Wi- Fi and a hot shower for a night.
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