Gear Reviews

Adapt For Survival was created by a man with an intense passion for the outdoors and who loves sharing it with others. Most outdoor enthusiasts rely on their skills and their gear when enjoying outdoor activities. An individual’s gear can contribute greatly to their enjoyment and interaction with nature and their environment, and their skills allow them to use their gear safely and properly. Through our gear reviews, we hope to inform both the creator and the end user of the product.

Our gear reviews cover all items large and small that contribute to any and all outdoor wilderness activities including some urban, disaster and preparedness activities. The outdoor products are thoroughly covered, and give the consumer and the supplier a more accurate picture of the product and its functionality. It is our hope that our gear reviews will reduce poor consumer product decisions while highlighting any flaws that were not evident to the supplier.

If you are a company interested in having your gear reviewed, feel free to contact us at hunterATadaptforsurvivalDOTcom (please replace “AT” with @ and “DOT” with .) with a description of the gear, its limitations and all pertinent links. We will contact you once the email has been received and we will send you a direct link to our review once the product has been thoroughly reviewed.

Please understand that providing gear to be reviewed by us does not ensure a positive review. All of our reviews are impartial and honest and display only our opinions on the gear. If you make good gear, you’ll get a good review. If you make great gear, you’ll get a great review. Our integrity to our viewers and supporters comes first and foremost. So if you have an awesome piece of kit and want an honest review, please don’t hesitate to contact us.