Evading Your Pursuers…

There are three main techniques to evade your captures…

Increase Speed and Distance
Attempt to move at a quicker pace in an effort to outdistance your pursuers.

Employ Deception Techniques
These methods are non-offensive in nature and designed to slow down or deny your pursuers information as to your route or intended destination.

Employ Offensive Techniques
These methods are designed to slow down, discourage or eliminate the pursuers by the use of ambushes and/or the employment of mines and booby traps.

When conducting evasion keep these rules in mind:

  • Never walk on anything that you can step over.
  • Never cut anything you can break naturally.
  • Never break anything that you can bend.
  • Never bend anything that you can move out of your way.
  • Never move anything when you can get through without moving it.
  • Never step on soft ground when you can walk on something hard.
  • Never establish a pattern that provide clues to your intentions.
  • Never do anything needlessly.
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