Dog ….Peanut Butter and Bacon Treats

Love Your Dog.?
Make Him / Her These….. Peanut Butter and Bacon Treats

My dog loves peanut butter. He gets it from his mom. After doing a lot of research on homemade dog treats, I confirmed with my vet that a combination of whole wheat flour, egg, milk, baking powder, oats, and peanut butter ann mixed with BACON BITS is perfectly healthy for him.

Combine the above ingredients together in a large bowl. Yes, this is a one bowl recipe. The dough will be extremely thick and hard to form, so use your hands for ease. Roll it out into 1/4″ thickness and use cookie cutters to make shapes. I used cookie cutters in the shape of a bone, or make one out of a tin can.

The size of the treats should be based on the size of your dog. Kayos is the size of a bear, so the big treats are perfect. Although, I still break them up for him.

Arrange the shaped dough onto your baking sheet. The dog treats won’t spread in the oven, they just puff up very slightly. The treats can be close together on your baking sheet.

Bake one side for 18-20 minutes. Until very lightly browned on the bottom. Remove from the oven and flip. Bake for 10-12 additional minutes. Allow the treats to cool completely before sharing with your furry friend.

So, go ahead…. Spoil your pup with a batch of homemade treats. Their unconditional love totally deserves it.


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