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Game Processing Tips from Our Ancesto...

With news stories about bubonic plague in squirrels and hantavirus in other rodents, cleaning and eating small game may not look like such a smart survival solution anymore. But these diseases are not new. So how did our ancestors, with limited knowledge of biological hazards, process game to avoid these illnesses? Cultural Taboos Even without […]

How to Make a Squirrel Snare Trap

This snare set up is a classic. It’s just a wooden pole and a few feet of wire that gives you a reusable trap that is easily moved, requires no bait, and takes advantage of the squirrel’s natural love of short cuts. Here’s how to make it. Select a 4-foot to 6-foot pole that is […]

The Figure 4 Deadfall

The figure-four deadfall is often the first trap illustrated in the trapping chapter of your handy pocket survival guide. As a result, it’s often the first trap people try to build when learning how to make traps. It might also be the last trap they ever try to build because of the trap’s frustrating design. […]

DIY Blow Gun And Darts

When we think of the origin of the blowgun and breath-propelled darts, we tend to think of the world’s jungles. That notion is generally correct, but not completely. Native Americans of the southeastern United States have crafted and hunted with blowguns for centuries. This simple precursor to firearms can be made with store-bought materials, or […]

How to Find a Hunting Dog at the Poun...

If you’re in the market for a new hunting companion, you might consider a trip to the local shelter. You could find a diamond in the rough, as a friend of mine did—a beagle that became one of the best hunting dogs he ever owned. The key to success is examining each dog to determine […]

Girl Shoots Mountain Lion that Stalke...

Original article by  February 28, 2014 by Natalie Krebs During the course of a single week, three cougars were killed at a family ranch in northern Washington this month. The latest big cat was killed by 11-year-old Shelby White, who shot an emaciated lion that had been stalking her older brother near their home in […]

Gun Dog Do’s and Don’ts for Human Hun...

Offer water? Sure, but otherwise, stay away from managing someone else’s dog. In someone else’s house, you’re supposed to be on your best behavior. But spend enough time in someone else’s blind or grouse cover hunting with their dog, and everybody becomes a critic. Here are four tried-and-true guidelines for minding your manners when it […]

Time To Zero Your Rifle

This target on the left shows a nice group, but the rifle isn’t zeroed. After adjusting the point of impact (right), the author got the gun shooting exactly where he wanted it.  What, exactly does it mean to zero a rifle? When most shooters zero their gun they put some shots downrange, getting a group, […]

How To Make A Key Ring Trap Trigger

A key chain ring is one of those everyday items that never gets much attention. It holds our keys together, and that’s all it does for us, most of the time. But as I focus more on EDC (every day carry) gear lately, I wanted every part of my keychain to help with survival chores, […]

7 Ways To Eat Cicadas

The roar of the Brood 2 cicadas is starting to die down in our woods here in Virginia. But it’s not too late to grab a few late bloomers and whip up a nutty tasting snack. Yuck, you say? Consider this: Most Americans eat a pound or two of insects each year in processed foods […]