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What Do You Know About Moss?

I have always liked the look of moss growing between pavers in the garden area. Other than that to be honest I have never given much thought to moss at all! Until I discovered the various uses for it in a survival scenario.   The picture above is sphagnum moss.   It is a natural sponge of sorts […]

North American Trees Used For Syrup

As winter wanes and spring approaches, wild foodies all across North America tap into the time-honored tradition of sugar production – mainly, the transformation of maple tree sap into maple syrup and sugar.  This process, passed on from the Native Americans to the early settlers, is still quite popular today, and is responsible for one […]

The Uses Of Birch Bark

It is important to keep in mind that removing the inner layer of bark from any live tree can do irreversible harm to that tree. Removing the inner layer prevents the flow of sap, which will eventually kill the tree if enough bark is removed. You should always look for downed birch trees from which […]

Using The Correct Tree As Medicine

  Many common North American trees can be used as medicine. Their advantage over medicinal herbs is that tree medicines can be used year round. In fact, trees make amoung the most versatile medicine you will find. In early spring and summer the leaves of trees are useful healing agents. In fall and winter, the […]

Deadly Plants To Avoid

Here are three reasons to read this post… If you spend some time in the wild or if you have a garden, or you’ll want to Bug Out when the day comes, you’ll definitely want to know what to avoid. If you’re raising farm animals… they are always in danger of eating and dying because some of […]

5 Fall Edible Plants You Must Know Ab...

If you find yourself in a wilderness emergency without food, and the wild game is scarce, you can rely on some of the wild edible plants that kept our forebears alive through tough times. Here are five of the most common and most nutritious wild edible plants that you must know for the fall season. […]

Identify The Best Wild Edible Foods

It’s just assumed that every outdoorsman knows how to live off the land. And while you may be able to hunt, fish, and trap circles around everybody you know, are you equally proficient with wild edible plants? Do you know which nuts and berries you can add to an outdoor meal, or even be used […]

How to Identify and Utilize Evergreen...

Winter tree identification can seem like a very daunting task in most areas. With the broad leaves having fallen in autumn, many trees require a very close inspection to determine their genus and species. Even then, you could still be completely stumped (pun intended). Lucky for us, though, the evergreens don’t change much over the […]

Your Feet and Wild Medicine

Foot injuries and ailments in the field can be crippling. And once your mobility is compromised in the outdoors, you’ve opened the door to all manner of potential downfalls. Luckily, there are plant compounds you can use as field treatments to get back on your feet again. Follow along, and find out four ways to […]

Wild Seeds to Make Your Own Grain

A field of weeds may not seem very useful, but one that contains edible seeds offers a surprising wealth of forage. Wild grains served as staple foods for our ancestors both before and during the early days of agriculture, and these grain plants can still be found growing in the wild. Find the right plants, […]