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Char Cloth

Char cloth (or charred cloth) is a swatch of fabric made from vegetable linen, such as cotton, that has been converted (i.e. decomposed using a process call pyrolysis) into a slow-burning fuel of very low ignition temperature.  A single, small spark placed on char cloth will ignite the cloth which will begin to glow red.  […]

Tinder For Fire Making

As any good survivalist knows, when caught in a survival situation, one of the first tasks at hand will be to build a fire. In addition to knowing how to construct a fire in the wilderness, you’re going to have to have the appropriate resources available which includes not only fuel, but the oh-so-important tinder […]

A Swedish Torch Fire

  The Swedish Fire Torch, also known as a Canadian Candle, is a simple and efficient method to make a fire using a single log. In addition to being easy to ignite and control, it is small and compact, burns long (is a self-feeding fire method) and provides not only excellent warmth but a stable […]

DIY Fire Piston

This is how I make my own fire pistons out of normal commercially available hardware store material. There are, off course, numerous other ways to make working fire pistons. Materials needed: • Copper tubing Ø 12 mm (inside ± 10 mm) • Brass end cap for 12 mm tubing • Wooden piston rod (± 10 […]

How to Build a Dakota Fire Hole

Considering that the Dakota fire hole is an obscure fire building tradition, I sure get asked about it quite often. People want to know if it really works, is it worth the trouble, and a whole host of other questions. The Dakota fire hole is a Native American fireplace style that burns wood efficiently like […]

Friction Fire with a Bow and Drill

The bow and drill method is, by far, the most likely friction method for making a fire in the field. This method has been around for thousands of years, and the components can be made from a wide range of materials. A friction fire happens when one wooden surface is rubbed, ground or spun against […]

Build Your Own Fire Starting Kit

Fire building is one of those skill sets that can make or break a survival situation. With so much riding on your ability to produce flame, it makes a lot of sense to plan for your own success by building a dedicated fire starting kit. It’s easy and fun to do, and you probably already […]

How To Use Fire As A Tool

Fire has a number of uses in the wilderness. Among many other things, it can generate heat, boil water, and summon rescue. But have you ever used fire as a “tool”? Fire has the amazing ability to consume materials, as well as to modify them. Here are three uses for fire that you might not […]

Fire starters

Waterproof matches (better than wax)

I hate matches. However for those of you that do not hate matches a way to make sure your matches work after being wet is by waterproofing them. Wax can sometimes have a tendency to flake off or make it hard to strike the match, but shellac creates a strong coat over the head of […]