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Bushcraft Foundation Skills

Bushcraft is the name we give a collection of skills that all involve thriving in the wilderness.  From knowing how to build a fire in various conditions to finding food by hunting and foraging, to carving and building necessary items from wood and other natural materials; bushcraft is all about acquiring the skills needed to […]

Wild Cooking, Pots and Forks

Pots and Bowls Cooking with Hot Rocks Use wood, bone, horn, bark, or other similar material to make bowls. To make wooden bowls, use a hollowed out piece of wood that will hold your food and enough water to cook it in. Hang the wooden container over the fire and add heated rocks to the […]

Backyard Bushcraft

When considering how to become more proficient at bushcraft, you might not consider using your immediate surroundings. But, with a little imagination you might be surprised how one can hone his or her wilderness survival skills right from home. While most would consider bushcraft a collection of wilderness survival techniques that must be utilized in […]

DIY Wire Saw From Scraps

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to do something but you did not have the right tool or gizmo to get the job done?  In my “before-prepping” days that happened to me a lot but now?  Not so much. On the other hand, sometimes I need more than my little set […]

Historic Survival Skills

Pioneers, frontiersmen, long hunters, and mountain men were not fictitious characters of stories and film. These were our real-life ancestors, and they lived by their own means by performing real-life skills. In the wild places of today, it certainly makes sense to carry high-tech gizmos and the latest survival gear on your outdoor adventures, but […]

Survival Facts….

– Weight for weight, Pine Needles hold 5 times more Vitamin C than lemons. This vitamin is responsible for the growth and repair of body tissue, which will be required in prolonged survival situations. The Vitamin can be elicited by selecting fresh green needles, placing them into boiling water and drinking it as pine needle […]