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5 Medicinal Herbs For Your Bug Out Ba...

Medicinal herbs are among the most useful items for preppers. First aid and health care are among the most essential needs for human survival. But what if you couldn’t run to the store for your supplies any longer? I rely pretty heavily on my medicine cabinet to help me deal with everyday aches, pains, and everything […]

Deadly Plants To Avoid

Here are three reasons to read this post… If you spend some time in the wild or if you have a garden, or you’ll want to Bug Out when the day comes, you’ll definitely want to know what to avoid. If you’re raising farm animals… they are always in danger of eating and dying because some of […]

Make Penicillin at Home

How to Make Penicillin at Home One of the risks most of us will face after the collapse will be an almost total lack of medications. Many of us will sicken and die over things that wouldn’t have even been considered serious before SHTF. After having read this article you learn how to make Penicillin […]

Honey for Wellness and Survival

Rich, golden honey. What is not to like? Just the thought of sweet, fragrant honey and honey bees makes me think of happy times.  That, coupled with it’s long storage life  makes honey a perfect food for the survival pantry.  But did you know that honey has a myriad of other uses, including as a […]

Spider Bites

Brown Recluse spider bite Brown Recluse spider bite Hobo Spider bite and the Black Widow spider bite The brown recluse is found in the southern two-thirds of the country. It likes to hide in boxes, books, and other hard to reach places. The hobo spider likes it out west. The black widow has been found […]

How to Make Splints And Crutches

The loss of mobility from an injured foot or leg can be a dangerous proposition in a backwoods emergency. When you can no longer hike back to your truck, or walk back to a road, you are in real trouble, especially if you are by yourself. It’s times like these when your field medicine skills […]

Signs and Field Treatments for Heat I...

Who hasn’t worked up a lather of sweat doing both favored and dreaded outdoor chores and activities in the summer heat? That familiarity makes it hard to imagine that you can actually die from something as simple as getting overheated. Our ever-cheerful friends at the CDC have stated there are approximately 618 heat-related deaths each […]

Build Your Own Gunshot Medical Kit

Don’t look for Band-aids or Neosporin in this medical kit. This assortment of supplies is tailored specifically to deal with gunshot wounds. A modular kit like this is a great addition to your range bag, your vehicle and even your BOB . There are plenty of reputable companies out there selling their own gunshot trauma […]

Wild Plants to Cure the Flu and Commo...

Can’t make it to the drug store right now? Whatever the reason, you do have some natural medicinal options in the winter season. Look for these three plants to lessen the symptoms and shorten the duration of your next case of the cold or flu. All you need is a sharp eye and a patch […]

How to Cure Chigger Bites

I had been pretty lucky with bug bites this year—that is, until last week. At some point I stumbled through a bed of chiggers (aka red bugs) and those little demons made a meal out of me. I have never been torn up this bad. My feet, ankles, calves, thighs, and unmentionables welted up in […]