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Should We Teach Our Children Survival...

I believe we should and the reason for that is because children who are thrust into emergency or survival situations, usually rely on their parents for guidance and protection. However, children are key players in survival and need to be exposed to the outdoors, emergency, and survival skills for their benefit. Our children take their […]

Kids and money

  Teaching younger kids the value of money through real life situations and examples will help them understand where money comes from and how it is earned. Below are a few examples of how you could approach this with your kids. – At the ATM The ATM is a great place to start teaching kids […]

Child Abduction!!

As I am currently in Australia, this week their was a failed abduction of a 13-year-old girl and her brother on the streets of Sydney. This has prompted me to think about what more we can do to keep our children safe. The failed abduction was captured on CCTV and highlights the importance of children […]