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Body Disposal During A Collapse

So, what do you do  with corpses, of which there will be many, post-collapse. There are views ranging from leave them where they drop hoping animals will deal with them, to funeral services conducted by …whoever, through to mass burials and cremation. There are circumstances that will most likely fit all of these solutions, but leaving […]

NBC Respirators

The importance of a respirator in a survival situation A respirator device is designed to protect the wearer from inhaling harmful dusts, fumes, vapors, or gases. Recent studies (2012) indicate that respirators even provide the best protection against airborne viruses. It is imperative however, that you understand the various types (categories) and qualities (ratings) of […]

Preparing for a Pandemic Outbreak

Throughout history there have been a number of major pandemics; in fact, almost every recorded civilization has been affected by these outbreaks. From smallpox and tuberculosis to the Bubonic Plague and major flu outbreaks, pandemics are a very real concern, even in our modern age of medicine. History of Pandemics – Major Recent Pandemics Over […]