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Steps To Keep Looters Off Your Proper...

Despite all the scary scenarios, staying and defending your home during a crisis is probably the most reasonable course of action. Staying in the city may sound crazy but there are easy and effective solutions to counter most of the problems you’ll face. For instance, putting up a few warning signs and displaying your willingness […]

Skills To Own In An Economic Meltdown

IMO, zombies are not really going to be an issue – most likely. However, a big economic crash, government failure, or other widespread society melt down is definitely possible. In the middle of this catastrophe, money in the bank, gold in your home, or collector’s antiques aren’t going to matter too much. What is going […]

DIY Gold Panning

EUREKA!!! Ready for some good old fashion gold panning? Ready to strike it rich? – hey, you never know! If you live in an area that has a stream or river that had a gold rush in the past, it might be something you should consider. Learn gold panning and how to find gold with […]

101 cheap Barter Items to Have

I would be preaching the choir if I told you that it is wise to gather extra supplies that you can use for bartering in a post-collapse world.  The issue for many, however, is that their budget allows no room for extras.  Finding funds for long term personal preps, let alone daily needs can be […]

Amazing Storage Tips and Ideas

Creative Storage Solutions: Take a look at thesereative Storage Solutions – you’re likely to find at least a few that work for you! USE WASTED SPACE… Go on a tour of your home and find any wasted space! Look up high,  down low, behind walls, in corners, and everywhere in between! You might be surprised how much you can actually […]

Communication And Sanitation Without ...

In the first part of this two-part post, we looked at ways to cook “off grid” and ways to store food without electricity. Today we’re going to look at sanitation in emergency situations, and how to communicate when the power is down. Communication No power and no phone can be a scary situation for modern […]

Cooking and Food Storage Without Util...

In the first part of this  two part post, we’ll look at ways to cook “off grid” and ways to store your food without electricity. I will the address sanitation and communication when the power is down in part 2 . So, What’s For Dinner? What you are serving for dinner after a utility outage depends […]

Build Your Own Gunshot Medical Kit

Don’t look for Band-aids or Neosporin in this medical kit. This assortment of supplies is tailored specifically to deal with gunshot wounds. A modular kit like this is a great addition to your range bag, your vehicle and even your BOB . There are plenty of reputable companies out there selling their own gunshot trauma […]

DIY Emergency Fuel — Bucket Biodiesel

If a disaster hits, and you run out of diesel for your truck or generator or heating oil for your home, you can make your own biodiesel out of a wide variety of oils —both vegetable and animal. Olive oil, corn oil, lard, peanut oil, and even recycled fry oil from restaurants all work, but […]

Disaster Documents…What You Nee...

Ever wonder what it would take to start all over again? Not in a personal reinvention kind of way, but in the “start from scratch” kind of way. In the event of an emergency that would prompt an evacuation from your home, you’ll need a lot of paperwork to facilitate a reboot in a positive […]