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How Useful Are Your Pumpkin Seeds?

Over a century ago, American farmers noted that when their livestock munched on pumpkin seeds, they seemed to urinate more often. They weren’t the first to notice the seeds’ effects. The Iroquois had long used pumpkin seed as a diuretic, and the Cherokee gave it to children to control bed-wetting, since it seemed to help […]

Stuffed Monkey Bread With Cream Chees...

I cannot think about this delicious monkey bread without also thinking about my good friend Alisha, aka Survival Girl. Survival Girl and I have much in common. Every time I see her, which is not often, I am reminded how much I adore her.  Oh how I wish I could talk her into moving to Colorado! […]

4 Ingredient Camp Sangria!

One of the things I hate most in life is unnecessary waste, be it money, food – and especially BOOZE. Recently, I had the good misfortune of purchasing a box of wine that had been expired for well over a year! Businesses in Somewhere have no qualms with selling expired food and booze, it seems, […]

Indoor Outside S’mores

A campfire with s’mores!  Wait, back to reality:  we’re making s’mores in the oven today.  With a cast iron skillet.  Oh, yes we are! I used my mini 6″ cast iron skillet, just like I would if I was using an outdoor campfire instead of my oven.  Fill it with your favorite chocolate chips (I […]

Honey for Wellness and Survival

Rich, golden honey. What is not to like? Just the thought of sweet, fragrant honey and honey bees makes me think of happy times.  That, coupled with it’s long storage life  makes honey a perfect food for the survival pantry.  But did you know that honey has a myriad of other uses, including as a […]

DIY Dandelion Wine

  I wanted to put this recipe out before you start seeing them. I love country wines and this is as country as they come. In my opinion nothing says homemade wine quite like Dandelion Wine. This is a recipe that I have used in the past and it works out pretty well. Dandelion Wine. […]

DIY Ginger Metheglin Recipe

One of the things about mead is that you can really do what ever you want.  It sometimes becomes confusing for newbies in the mead world to figure out what recipes to do.  Well I can assure you this is a great mead recipe.  This is a ginger mead, so get ready for a bit […]

10 Step Peach Mead

I was out in the country over the weekend and couldn’t help but notice that peach stands were on the side of the road. It only made me think of one thing, Peach Mead. This one is just a classic. When ever I’ve made this one in the past I end up making a spritzer […]

DIY Bread in the Slow Cooker

Are you sitting down? OK, good, because what I’m about to tell you might just blow your mind: You can make a loaf of fresh, warm, homemade bread in your slow cooker. You read that right. You don’t have to turn on the oven this summer to get your fresh bread fix — just plug […]

DIY Instant Meal.. Just-Add-Hot-Water

Thinking back on it, I must have cooked more instant ramen than any other food in my life (with the exception, perhaps, of chocolate chip cookies). It’s what I cooked when I was home alone as a kid. It was a staple that took me through college. It’s what I make for myself when I […]