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A Night in the Life of a Coyote

February 3, 2014 A Night in the Life of a Coyote by James Hall Illustration by Kevin HandThere was a time when you could experience the morose howl of the coyote only in the most rural corners of America. Nowadays, coyotes have filled every imaginable ecological niche. How these predators make their living in close […]

DIY Tick And Bug Repellent

Our ticks here in Virginia are everywhere right now, and if your local ticks and biting bugs are thriving as well, then this remedy might just be a lifesaver this summer. You’ll need to make a trip to a health food store or some similar shop that sells essential plant oils (or get good at […]

Getting Your Hens To Come When Called

One of the joys of chicken keeping is calling one’s hens and having them come running to you in that flapping, rolling, comical way that they have (like toddlers with full diapers.) Not only is it amusing to see chickens hurrying to you, but it is behavior that is essential to a well-managed poultry yard. […]

Geese Are The Best Guard Animals In H...

In Ancient Greek myth, the entrance to the underworld was guarded by Cerberus: the meanest, ugliest, most ornery, three-headed dog that underworld money could buy. But it turns out that Hades, the ruler of the land, missed a trick. From the two birds that saved Ancient Rome to their modern equivalent guarding Brazilian prisons, history […]

If you only had one gun what would it...

A reply to a question ….I knew it was only an amount of time before I got this….. “If you only had one gun what would it be?” Ok, before I get a flood or messages I just want everyone to know that I am well aware that we all have an opinion and I […]