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The Lost Art of “Cut Shells”

  Necessity is the mother of invention. Cut shells used to be legal ammo for deer in most states, and during the last great depression, it was the only ammo available to many deer hunters. It worked well with paper hulls back then, but even better with modern plastic hulls, using factory made rounds. Reloads may not have enough […]

DIY Gold Panning

EUREKA!!! Ready for some good old fashion gold panning? Ready to strike it rich? – hey, you never know! If you live in an area that has a stream or river that had a gold rush in the past, it might be something you should consider. Learn gold panning and how to find gold with […]

How to Dry Herbs

Have you ever wanted to dry your own herbs? If you have an herb garden and haven’t taken advantage of drying your own herbs then perhaps now is the time to try it! There’s many ways to approach this process, we’ve only brought you one, which is very DIY in the kitchen, but it is among […]

Top 5 Knife Making Tutorials

Hopefully you will never find yourself in a survival situation, but if you do you should always be prepared and use what you have on hand to create the survival tools you’ll need.  One of the best tools to have for emergency preparedness is a survival knife. If you forget your knife, lose it or it […]

Amazing Storage Tips and Ideas

Creative Storage Solutions: Take a look at thesereative Storage Solutions – you’re likely to find at least a few that work for you! USE WASTED SPACE… Go on a tour of your home and find any wasted space! Look up high,  down low, behind walls, in corners, and everywhere in between! You might be surprised how much you can actually […]

Learn Morse Code in One Hour (or even...

xcerpts from “Morse Code Made Memorable” by William J. Bahr, KB4WIT, Copyright 1987-2015. This work hopes to end the problems of learning and remembering Morse Code. Its primary contribution is a mnemonic scheme whereby a student can learn the code in as little as an hour or even less. The Bahr Method has applications in […]

Maintain Hygiene in the Field

Maintaining some semblance of hygiene can be a morale booster in an emergency, and it can be vital to the health of individuals and groups. There are few things as vile as camping out with a group of people and having some kind of gastro-intestinal bug tear through camp because some fool didn’t wash his […]

Time To Zero Your Rifle

This target on the left shows a nice group, but the rifle isn’t zeroed. After adjusting the point of impact (right), the author got the gun shooting exactly where he wanted it.  What, exactly does it mean to zero a rifle? When most shooters zero their gun they put some shots downrange, getting a group, […]

Keys to Building a Great ATV Trail

Here are seven considerations that should go into every ATV trail. 1. Planning Before we began cutting trails we use topographical maps and GPS coordinates to began plotting a new trail through the  woods using reflective tape to identify a course. By actually walking the course, it will give you a chance to design—and later amend—the trail, and his final […]

10 Uses For a Mason Jar

If you’re a home canner (or a moonshiner), you’re already familiar with the wonders of the mason jar. These old-timey, reusable storage jars are very versatile. But are we using this container to its fullest potential? Here are my top 10 urban survival and wilderness survival uses for the classic mason jar. 1. Re-pack Dry […]