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Tips and Tricks for Your Slow Cooker

The slow cooker is a magical device. Put a couple ingredients in it, turn it on, leave for work and return to a fully cooked, flavorful and tender meal. You can make everything from French onion soup to carne asada nachos in your slow cooker, but its almost mystical powers don’t stop at dinner. You […]

Canning Meat the Right Way

There are any number of good reasons to can meat. For one thing, doing so can save a lot of future cooking (for those times when you need to prepare a meal in a hurry), and it’s also a practical solution to the “overstuffed freezer” problem (which faced the author of the accompanying sidebar). Many […]

Freeze Dried Vs. Canned: The Pros and...

Buying a large volume of food is a serious investment in your survival. It can also be a bad investment if no emergency comes and you are stuck eating hundreds of meals that you find nauseating. There are plenty of food storage options out there for purchase, ranging from historic preservation methods to the latest […]

Uses For Java

Don’t feel like you could survive without your morning coffee? You’re not alone. According to, an astonishing 83% of American adults drink coffee, which is up from 78% just one year earlier. With all this coffee floating around, it makes one wonder about other applications for this everyday resource? Here are my top 5 […]

Easy Peasy DIY Berry and Fruit Liqueu...

In the Pacific Northwest, late summer and early fall is prime picking time.  That is because in this neck of the woods, blackberry brambles are everywhere.  You will find them along trails, next to roadways and even in the backyard rose garden where they are an unwelcome visitor and impossible to get rid of. There […]

The Perfect Homemade Biscuit Mix from...

For many, the backbone of food storage is bulk foods not the least of which is flour.  But in a crisis situation, what the heck can you do with all of that flour?  The answer, of course, is to make bread and baked goods.  But bread takes time and viable yeast may or may not […]

Foods to reuse before throwing out..

On my quest to reduce household waste to an absolute minimum, I’ve done a lot of thinking about what goes into the garbage can and what can be diverted to other purposes. With a bit of creative thinking, it’s easy to breathe new life into old food. Not only will you reduce food waste, but […]

Campfire treats…

1 – Bacon S’mores Give the traditional s’more a salty, smoky twist by saving some bacon from breakfast and sandwiching it between the marshmallows and chocolate. 2 – Cheese-stuffed spicy peppers. There really is little that can be done to improve the concept. Or is there? A little chorizo, a little feta—the concept is sounding […]

A few cooking tips that YOU may not k...

-If your bananas are black, spotty and on the verge of turning from ripe to rotten, put them in the freezer so you can keep them on hand for a batch of banana bread on a rainy afternoon. -Put a dash of cinnamon or cardamom in your coffee for an extra spice boost. -Wow your […]

Fishing when YOU do not have a fishin...

If you’re out in the wild without your fishing gear, don’t worry..just Be Happy! The worst day fishing is still much better than the best day at work…even if you are lost! lol Fish are an excellent source of protein, and with the right knowledge and some practice, catching fish on your own without a […]