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Christmas and Food Additives

Some of the so-called healthy Christmas foods and packaged goods you’re tossing into your grocery cart this year may be filled with “extras” that can, in the long term, put your families health at risk.   Everyone knows to keep an eye out for calories, fat and carbs when they’re browsing the supermarket aisles, but are you […]

Tin Foil Camp Meals

In the quest to streamline your camping trips, foil packet meals can be one of your greatest allies. It’s cooking at its simple best; you take some ingredients, wrap them up in a foil parcel, and place the pouch in a campfire’s coals to cook. You can prepare these foil packets before you head out […]

Wild Cooking, Pots and Forks

Pots and Bowls Cooking with Hot Rocks Use wood, bone, horn, bark, or other similar material to make bowls. To make wooden bowls, use a hollowed out piece of wood that will hold your food and enough water to cook it in. Hang the wooden container over the fire and add heated rocks to the […]

Sugerless Crockpot Apple Butter

This year, I wanted to tweak my traditional apple butter recipe to get rid of the added white sugar. Just like any jelly or jam, it calls for several cups of sugar. But since the apples are so sweet this year, I decided that I could keep this recipe all natural. Instead of the sugar, […]

Homemade Chili

So what do you do with all of those late season garden vegetables? How about some Chili?     How about make, enjoy and freeze the best garden chili you have ever had.  Late season tomatoes and peppers may not be the prettiest of your summer’s crop – but the thick-walled late summer fruits are […]

Spicy Ketchup Recipe

This is  surprisingly easy to make – and you simply cannot compare it to anything you can buy off the shelf in a store.  When it first hits your mouth – you can taste the pure sweetness from the tomatoes,  red pepper and brown sugar.  Then, slowly, the taste turns to a slow, low burning heat […]

Canning….Apple Cinnamon Honey J...

As apple season begins to wind down, we found ourselves with a small dilemma. We have made our applesauce, apple butter, and apple pie filling – and of course, have had more than enough red and yellow apples to snack on. This is the easiest jelly that you could ever make and the taste can’t be […]

Super Root Preserves Meat Indefinitel...

Native Indians of South America used this root to make a black juice called Cassareep that preserves meat for long periods of time. Some even say INDEFINITELY. What is sure is that the PepperPot was their freezer. The PepperPot was was the pot where the meat was preserved, and also the preserved dish. Nowadays, most Cassareep […]

4 Ingredient Camp Sangria!

One of the things I hate most in life is unnecessary waste, be it money, food – and especially BOOZE. Recently, I had the good misfortune of purchasing a box of wine that had been expired for well over a year! Businesses in Somewhere have no qualms with selling expired food and booze, it seems, […]

How to Dry Herbs

Have you ever wanted to dry your own herbs? If you have an herb garden and haven’t taken advantage of drying your own herbs then perhaps now is the time to try it! There’s many ways to approach this process, we’ve only brought you one, which is very DIY in the kitchen, but it is among […]