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Great Solar Tutorials

Whether you completely power your home with solar energy or are just interested in using a few solar panels here and there, you can use these DIY solar panel tutorials to help you out. These solar panel tutorials are made with an array of materials and for a variety of purposes, ensuring that anyone can […]

Getting Free Firewood

Heating a home with wood is generally the cheapest form of heating. But if the firewood supply is rare or expensive in your area, supplementing with scavenged firewood can help to reduce your heating costs. There are many places to find free or almost free wood for burning and in many cases, you may be […]

Candle Crayolas

When I was a child, my church showed me how to do this and I never forgot it. To make a crayon candle, simply remove the paper from the crayons and place them in a container to melt such as a used metal coffee can, soup can, etc. Place the container in a pot of hot water […]

DIY Emergency Fuel — Bucket Biodiesel

If a disaster hits, and you run out of diesel for your truck or generator or heating oil for your home, you can make your own biodiesel out of a wide variety of oils —both vegetable and animal. Olive oil, corn oil, lard, peanut oil, and even recycled fry oil from restaurants all work, but […]

DIY Emergency Lights from Solar Yard ...

When it comes to emergency lighting, flashlights and lanterns rule. The problem, however, is that they require a power source, be it batteries, propane, or some other type of fuel. There are candles, of course, but candles do eventually burn out, plus, in some environments and especially around children, candles can represent a safety hazard. […]

14 Bright Ideas for a Better Wood Sto...

The Alliance For Green Heat recently announced the 14 finalists that will compete in the first-ever Wood Stove Design Challenge, an international competition that showcases some of the cleanest, most efficient next-generation wood stoves.

Build a Recycled Water Heater Wood St...

You can build a recycled water heater wood stove for $35.00 or less.  

DIY Air Conditioner

Solar DIY: Building a Fresnel Solar C...

  There are several different designs of solar cookers you can make, but the most effective uses a Fresnel lens. Fresnel lenses are flat plastic magnifying glasses. If you’ve ever used one of those sheet magnifiers, you’ve used a Fresnel lens. They consist of a flat plastic sheet that has concentric rings molded into the […]