Canning….Apple Cinnamon Honey Jelly Recipe

As apple season begins to wind down, we found ourselves with a small dilemma. We have made our applesauce, apple butter, and apple pie filling – and of course, have had more than enough red and yellow apples to snack on.

This is the easiest jelly that you could ever make and the taste can’t be beat!

Only 3 simple ingredients – no pectin or white sugar needed.  Just apples, honey and a few cinnamon sticks – that’s it!

Don’t forget to make a few extra jars for quick and easy holiday gifts.

Apple Cinnamon Honey Jam

They may not be the prettiest of apples from the outside but the insides are picture perfect!


Leave the skin intact - that is where the natural pectin is found.

Drain the apples for at least 2-3 hours. I drain mine overnight.

6 lbs of apples

3 cups of honey

3 cinnamon sticks


1. Wash apples.  Cut into quarters, leaving the skin and core intact.  Place apples into a large stockpot and fill with water to cover up about half of the apples.

2. Boil apples until softened. (about 15 minutes)

3. Strain apples in a jelly bag – or a three-fold cheesecloth lined strainer.  Strain for 2-3 hours.

4. Measure juice and place in a large stockpot.

5. For every cup of juice, add 1/2 cup of honey.

Apple juice that remains after straining for a couple of hours.

6. Add in the cinnamon sticks and then heat to boiling until mixture becomes thickened.

*NOTE – you may have heard to ‘never’ boil honey.  This is true if you want honey to maintain it’s original state of enzymes.  Boiling actually thickens honey and changes the enzymes. It is not harmful to boil honey if you are using it in recipes. In fact, it is perfect to use in jelly as the sweetener.

Skim off the white foam as the mixture boils.

7. Complete the ‘jelly test’: place a small portion onto a plate and place it into the freezer for a few minutes. If the mixture gels, it is done.  You can also test by measuring the heat with a candy thermometer – it should read 220 degrees F at sea level. Subtract 2 degrees for each 1000 feet above sea level.

The consistency is just right !

8. Remove the cinnamon sticks and place in hot, sterilized half-pint jars to within 1/4 inch of the rim. Add warm lid and ring. Process in hot water bath for 5 minutes.

Store in a cool dark place until ready to use!


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