Building a Self Sufficient Lifestyle..

Options for the Rural Prepper beyond just having a garden.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a rural area, self-sufficiency is going to be an easier goal to achieve. You will have many options for gardening, growing crops, orchards, and innumerable other forms of edible landscaping. A large vegetable garden is a must, as are fruit trees appropriate to your region. Grape vines and a wide variety of berries will round out your produce production nicely.

-Raising Goats
On our spread, we favor goats. Goats can provide a great source of dairy products, milk, cheese, yogurt, and even ice cream. They are a great source of meat as well.

Goats also require less space than cows, and thrive on “poor” pasture. During last year’s drought I watched neighbors struggle to keep cows fed and watered while my goats did just fine eating dead weeds. They fit into our goal of a self-sufficient lifestyle due to the variety of foodstuffs they produce.

-Don’t forget about aquaculture
Instead of a koi pond have a tilapia pond. Tilapia can be grown in fairly high densities. In a well-designed pond of 1,000 gallons, you can easily grow several hundred pounds of nice fillets.

A few large aquariums in the house with breeding pairs can supply all the stock you need for grow out. A nice pond in the yard does not give the impression of prep. It just looks like a nice place to sit and relax for a while and will never arouse suspicion, even in the hungriest looter.

Beekeeping is possible in an urban environment and yields useful products. Most livestock are out of the question for urbanites. Bees, believe it or not, are one potential option. Bees require little space and can even be kept on a balcony or roof top.

With a few common-sense precautions bees are quite safe to have around, and they provide a bounty of very useful products. Besides honey, beekeeping yields beeswax for candles and soap, and propolis is a natural remedy for many ailments.

Establishing a network of likeminded people is imperative. In the right company, the journey to a self sufficient lifestyle will be a joy and it is a journey well worth taking.

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