ANYTHING that YOU could ever Want to LEARN can be Found on YOUTUBE!

Anything that you could ever want to learn can be found on Youtube, more than you could ever learn from university or College. Nothing, comes even close to the power of self-education to a motivated and passionate individual who’s willing to learn. Here’s a neat little service (yes, there are a lot of ads on their site, but don’t mind them, the service is worth it)…First find great Youtube videos that could be used as audiobooks and then convert them into Audiobook MP3 using this tool: ….(of course be mindful of people’s copyrights and only convert those that are either open source, creative commons, or that you have permission to do so).

One problem I see with a majority of companies today is that their human resources and recruiting departments have no idea of the power of passion and of self education. These departments often put a degree in front of a persons passion and either have no idea or are possibly to lazy to educate management on the value that an individual with a passion to learn can bring to an organization. I am by no means rocking the education system as it does have its place. However, todays education system is flawed in more ways than one (thats for another post) lol.

Case in point….
I am currently working in Australia on a project management contract. Recently the info tech department let two developers go that had been in the organization for two years and both developers held degrees in the field of info technology and various certifications. The two positions were filled by two females from the admin staff that had nothing more than a high school education and a passion to learn and educate themselves at home.

The two girls from my understanding had been asking for an opportunity to learn info tech related tasks for months, and it is only because the company is trying desperately to cut costs that they decided to give them a chance.

Now that they have been in the position for a few weeks and granted they are still only preforming minor tasks I recently found out they have been doing a beffer job than the two individuals they replaced. As coding is not an easy task I ask them how they have learned so quickly. They both replied… “Youtube and the library, every weekend and avery night when they get home”.

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