About Hunter

A self-proclaimed “mountain boy” from North Carolina, where backcountry bushcraft was just as much a part of his life as breathing, Hunter spent the majority of his youth hunting, fishing, foraging and trapping. Not for fun, but to stay alive and support his family.

From the age of 10, Hunter was the breadwinner in his family. He filled the freezer from his hunting and fishing outings, and brought in money by foraging for wild ginseng and selling the furs from trapping.

As a young boy, Hunter taught himself many of the skills required to be a competent outdoorsman in the forest, never realizing that he was embarking on a journey that would become his life’s passion.

Hunter also supplemented his self-taught skills and added to his knowledge base by digesting every scrap of information relating to survival that he could find in his local library. Hunter would make drawings and take notes from all the various books and magazines, and then put everything he had read into practice in the outdoors as soon as he got home.

In the wild, Hunter has the ability to “MacGyver” his way out of most situations while always keeping a sense of humor. Growing up, Hunter had no formal base to call home. So nature became his constant companion, whether in the neighboring woods or exploring underground caving systems.

During his high school days, Hunter created his first survival kit for living on the road, and boarded a north-bound Greyhound bus for New York City making raw choices that almost nearly cost him his life. In New York, he lived on city streets and alone in the woods.

After graduating high school, Hunter joined the United States Army and, after passing selection, served with both the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and 1/75th Ranger Battalion at Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia.

After leaving the military, Hunter relocated to Australia where he lived in a commune for a short time in a place called Nimbin, New South Wales. Hunter worked in various positions in Australia including an underground driller, real estate investor, business development manager, national Customer Relationship Management (CRM) manager and as a consultant in organizational change.

Hunter later attended two different universities and obtained a Graduate Diploma in Organizational Change Management from Charles Sturt University, a Master of Strategic Human Resource Management from Charles Sturt University and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Bond University.

Today, Hunter lives off the grid and continues to practice the same survival skills and emergency preparedness he learnt as a boy.


Hunter believes bushcraft, survival and prepping liberates and empowers. It re-acquaints man with nature and his roots, and provides an escape from the shackles of modern life.

Adapting for survival is about being practical, resourceful and adaptive. Rather than learning ten things, learn one thing that can be put to use in 10 different environments in 10 different ways.

Hunter believes we can all learn from each other and continues to be a student himself of the various survival and bushcraft schools spread out around the world. While many people believe that knowledge is power, they fail to understand that knowledge is constructed, not received. It is built incrementally, over time. The key to knowledge is action.