About Adapt For Survival

I am a survivalist, prepper and outdoor lover. I know that being prepared for a “Shit Hits The Fan” (SHTF) situation is on the increase in this country as more people become aware of just how fragile our society is becoming, how hopeless our government officials are and how bad the economy is.

To me, prepping is all about survival – from building up supplies and hunkering down in your home, to learning wilderness survival skills and being able to live in the wild. Regardless of the reason for a total meltdown, there’s one simple prepping rule that we all stick to … Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail.

We all have different backgrounds and upbringings. But our forefathers of years ago were always smart enough to realize the need to prepare should something go very wrong. Sadly, many of these survival skills have been forgotten and many people today have no clue what to do if faced with a SHTF situation.

From various natural disasters and climate changes, to man-made economic meltdown, if you were faced with a real immediate emergency, just how long do you think you would survive?

  • What happens when your home and your family are put in danger?
  • Would you stay or would you go?
  • Could you hunker down and sit it all out?
  • If you were forced to up and go, leave your home and go under the radar, away from all the chaos, would you really be able to survive?
  • You will need a long-term survival plan … Do you have one?

Did you know that you can only last about 3 days without water before your main organs begin to fail? Do you have enough supplies or water filtering equipment for you and your family if the water supply were to become contaminated?

If you’re thinking of preparing for the future, then now is the time. Adapt For Survival can help you with facts, information and survival tips. From choosing the best survival knife to finding the best water filter, we have videos, podcasts and informative articles covering all aspects of bushcraft skills, survival, camping, hiking, essential clothing and footwear, as well as lots of survival equipment – all with helpful tips for anyone looking to safeguard their family and their home from potential disaster.

There are also articles showing the latest and best books for prepping and survival, as well as gear reviews. We really do try and offer up as much information as we can to give you the big picture about prepping and survival.

Follow our regular blog posts and keep yourself informed about all things prepping. I try to blog very regularly and our latest articles are added as they go online.